Sunday, 13 December 2009

Dearest Kidneys.

Please get better there is only so much longer I can cope with the tiredness, pain etc.
I left the house for the first time in three days today. It was painful, I felt like a pupa breaking free of it's chrysalis, all icky and ever so slightly blinded by daylight. However, now I'm totally dead, after fitting countless pairs of shoes and being inundated by awkward kids with even more awkward parents and EVEN MORE awkward to fit feet. I'm convinced it was national freaky kids feet day today. I've already had a 2 hour nap and now it's time for yet more history work and I'll probably ring the boyfriend who probably won't listen to a word I say but oh well. Sleepy rant over.

I bid you adieu.

Sunday, 26 July 2009


11 was a race horse.

12 was 12.

1111 race.

and 12112.

Facebook is EVIL

I have recently discovered that there is downside to social networking sites such as facebook.
My lovely manager can find things out about me. For example, I really want to bunk work this weekend because I have something better to do but can't for fear some one will tag me in a picture and she will find out that I don't actually have swine flu and then she will probably fire me. Not only does she find out what I'm up to and whether I'm actually ill.... she leaves comments on my status. My brother, cousins and other relatives and family friends also do this. My cousins now have the opportunity to bribe with information obtained from facebook that I really would prefer my parents to not know about.

Facebook is a grass.....I hate facebook.